Residual Income and How You Can Build It

Nowadays, it is easy to get trapped in the corporate world. We barely notice how getting a day job eats up most of our time only to be rewarded by so little income, or at least income that equates the amount of work that you do. What many of us do not understand is that there is a way for us to earn money in such a way that it will be the one that works for us, not the other way around. We can actually become our own bosses, and when we become such, we earn residual income.

What is residual income?

There are generally several types of income, first being the earned income. With earned income, the amount of work that you do equates to the amount of money that you earn-basically, it is a linear process. Then we have the portfolio income, where you sell an investment for a price higher than what you paid it for. Lastly, we have the residual or the passive income, where your assets earn the income for you. For example, buying a property and renting it out to tenants. Residual income is not just limited to physical properties. This could also be applied in intellectual property. Getting paid for the photos that you posted on the internet so that a commercial brand can use it is another example of a residual income.

What are ways on how you can earn residual income?

Needless to say, the best type of income is the residual income because it is basically letting the money roll in while you sit back and rest. In essence, it is like you are investing in something that people are willing to pay for over and over again. Can you think of investments that can do that for you? Investing in travel and leisure is the way that is closest to us, but it is not limited to only that. There are numerous investments that you can have. Aside from investing in a travel property, you can also invest on a blog. When you are already reaching a decent number of readers, brands and businesses will actually pay you so you can promote them.

In a nutshell, the possibility of building residual is endless, and the more creative you are, the better. It can be about mixing and matching-investing in travel property AND writing a travel blog sounds like a dynamic duo. What matters the most is how willing you are to invest.

A Guide to Choosing a Company For Executive Travel

In this world where business operations have spread their wings from transactions between two cities to two different countries, travelling is one thing which is always required for the employees to do and it can be from one branch of the office to another branch. This travel can also be to the client’s place or the client himself visiting the company. Organizing these kinds of trips for the clients in the best possible ways will make the best impression about company.

Hiring coaches for these kinds of trips is the first best decision that one can take if the total time of journey is less than a day. Making these kinds of journeys using other means of transport will lead to various problems instead of benefits. Going to the boarding points itself will be a problem initially. And these modes of transport will be available only at certain times rather than when exactly we want to travel. But when we travel using a hired coach we can start the journey whenever we are ready. And also the journey can be much more relaxing making the people ready for their work. Travelling by other means will be tiresome and will make the people exhausted.

Organizers for these kinds of trips need to take utmost care about the various decisions to be taken which include decisions about the types of coaches and also about the company from which these coaches are to be hired. The first thing that needs to be looked after are the features and luxuries present in the coach. As this is an official trip we need to look for internet access and other conferencing facilities so that we need not waste the time of travel. Most coaches offer the best safety which could also be verified. Working of the other facilities like the air conditioners can be checked in order to prevent any mishaps.

The selection of the coach renting company is one of the crucial decisions to be taken. Here various factors are to be taken into consideration. One such factor is company profile. A good background check about the kind of services being provided by the company is always required to avoid any kind of disappointments at a later stage. This helps us in screening of many companies which are not up to the standards. This can be always done by checking out the reviews or else the testimonials provided by the users and the customers. Nowadays companies are also rated basing on their services which enables organizers to choose the best company to hire a coach from.

Going for the best coaches may sometimes prove to be too expensive but when we have an option to trade-off between the cost of the travel and the amenities then it is always advisable to go for the second or the third best company which would also be giving similar quality but for a lesser cost. Getting to know about various other charges if present is always good so that we can be prepared.

Car Rentals – 3 Money Saving Tips That Every Traveler Will Love

Affordable car rentals for your holidays always come handy. For an avid traveler, to rent a car is a great way to explore the hidden gems of a country. It’s not hidden from anyone that most of us look forward to the money saving opportunities as savings could be the beginning of a new travel story. With a little luck and serious efforts, one can easily find a smart way to rent a car that could be a real satisfaction for many backpackers.

If cheap car rentals are what you are looking for, then hang on as you are going to get expert advice for saving money on your travel in the country. Traveling inside the country can make a hole in your pocket if not taken as seriously as airfares and hotel deals. So, read one for quick tips to save money on trips in the country.

1. Don’t hesitate to join a loyalty program:

Though many travelers hesitate to sign up for loyalty programs, it is actually a great way to enjoy perks and discounts while traveling. There couldn’t be a better option than this to save money on car rentals. Signing up such a deal won’t cost you a fortune. You will make a good traveling history and would be in a better position to negotiate for your future travel in the country.

2. Lookout for coupons and best deals:

Before you rent a car, it’s worth the time to hunt for coupons and best deals. No matter what season of the year you have planned to travel, the travel portals are always flooded with lucrative deals for car rentals. The touching part is that these discounts often reward backpackers with slashed prices that you cannot access otherwise.

3. Explore rental deals beyond airports:

Most travel enthusiasts limit their search to hiring a car to the airports and end up with lavish deals. For some people it is a matter of convenience and they tend to stay in their comfort zones. But, believe it or not, the most economical car rentals services exist out of the airport vicinity. So, traveling beyond your comfort zones is worth the pain at times. You would be surprised to see the massive slash in prices in those areas.


While these car rentals tips are designed to save some cash, you can always have your chances to try out of the box. Who knows if you could get a more interesting way to cut down your car rental prices to the ground? As you search these cost-cutting ideas down the road, don’t forget to put the gas prices on your notes. After rentals, it is the gas price, which dominates the budget. So, better take it into consideration. You will also learn new ways to rent a car with your travel experiences. Register yourself with companies offering car rentals to get timely updates of the prices around the year.